Friday, February 18, 2011

Sister, sister!

.... kind, compassionate, loyal, loving, tender hearted, strong, independent, teacher, Christian, mother, sister, friend. Those are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Karrie. Karrie is very similar to me in that we wear our hearts on our sleeve. That doesn't always work out so well for us, but it's our nature who can stop it? I'm not sure I want to. Karrie truly strives to be an example of God's love. I have learned a great amount from having the pleasure of hearing her teach Sunday School the past year. She truly puts her effort and heart into preparing our lessons and I gain something each time. Karrie holds a heavy heart for those around her, especially her students that she teaches everyday. I believe that says a lot for her overall character. I know that I can tell her anything and it is safe with her. Karrie and I have been friends for several years now, we share a "mother hen" you could say, Karrie's mom, Vickie. So in a sense we have become "sisters". Back in my "single" days lol I sure spent a lot of time with Karrie and her now husband Matthew. They were great to me and continue to be. I know that the two of them would do anything for me that I needed. Karrie also introduced me to my true first love. Her son Owen Eli. Which as your read above Karrie and I are sisters so that makes me "aunt Jamie". I love that child with all of my heart. He is too smart and filled personality. I have watched him grow into the sweet lil young man he is today. He will be a bell ringer in our wedding as well. Karrie is also expecting, I am beyond excited for the birth of this new baby. Leave it to me to make her stand up in a bridesmaids gown while she's six months pregnant. Karrie is a great mother and wife and I am blessed that she is to a wonderful friend.

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