Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues...

Especially when one of their best friends lives hours away in Alabama! Ah...what to say about heth.. aka Mrs.Heather Sanders Slaughter. We became quick friends after the first time we met. She actually applied for an after school job with 4-H , she says I hired her because she explained to me that she played bluegrass music.. which is probably partially true, I thought she would do a good job too though. Heather is the most down to earth southern girl I've ever met. She hails from Argo Alabama, and I could listen to her talk, sing or laugh all day. Her laughter is contagious and we have too much fun together every time we are around each other. Heather moved to Wilkes County to be with her husband Shannon. I was just lucky enough that fate brought her here because I have truly found a life long friend. Heather and Shannon have since moved back to Alabama where she can be closer to her family and finish school but I miss her terribly. I am so happy to have Heather in my wedding party and that she will be there for all the festivities because I know she will be the one real voice keeping me calm. That's probably what I love most about her what you get is what you see and if you don't want honesty don't ask. :) Heather has taught me many things like, how to keep in touch, "wammer jammer yellow hammer give em' hell Alabama!", the true meaning of "making cornbread" and also introduced me to Moscato.... mmm mmmm! Brady and I had the opportunity to visit Heather and Shannon in Alabama and had a great time. Her family is so sweet and kind, I love them too! Heather has her own solo bluegrass album and it is wonderful! Shannon also is soon releasing his own solo album entitled "The Side Man Steps Out" , which features Heather on the bass and her vocals. The two are in a newly formed band County Clare, you can visit their website here. She will be singing at our wedding and I am thrilled. Shannon will also be playing guitar instrumentals for us as well. I can't wait til you all hear her laughter and listen to her sing in person! Here's a sneak peak for now ( I took this video, so it isn't the best quality) & Heather Carol Sanders Slaughter Rose... I LOVE YOU!

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