Tuesday, October 26, 2010

179 days....

Only 179 days til he takes me down to the little white church.. or to the field at Leatherwood.. you know whatever works . I am so very behind with these posts. Hopefully I will catch up soon, but then again do we ever "catch up" ? Work has been hectic, finally the county fair and year end reporting are done so I can breathe a little bit. We have made decisions on the cake and the catering they are going to be great! I absolutely can't wait to taste and see it all. My future mother in-law and her friend came down a few weeks ago , we had a good time together and accomplished a lot. The guest accommodations, rehearsal dinner location and catering are all decided. Details coming soon! It's definitely coming together! We are both looking forward to a little break this weekend. We are headed to Alabama to stay with our good friends Heather and Shannon Slaughter! The race is at Talledega so it works out well for a visit with them. I know there will be tons of laughs and good times with good people I can't wait. Wammer jammer yellow hammer give em hell Alabama! (just thought I throw that in)

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