Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our story....

Six years ago in the basement of a friend's home I was looking for a prom date, instead I found the love of my life. Although we've had times apart we have always kept in touch. I truly believe we each thought we'd wind up together someday. When we started seeing each other again in June I knew deep down it wouldn't be long, however I was pleasantly surprised after only two months.
I had to work late that Friday evening and we had a youth rally at church to get to, so when he started begging me to go out to look for acorns?! I was less than thrilled. He had "set it up" earlier in the week by telling me something about acorns being diseased this year? I didn't really pay that much attention to it, I mean after all I'm not really concerned with the acorn crop. Nevertheless, he was dying for me to go out into the pasture to help him get up acorns for me to take to the Extension office to have them looked at, and he was not giving up. So I stomped out the back door, crossed the barbed wire fence, looked down at my feet and realized I was wearing flip flops. I proceeded to rant and rave that I was not walking all the way to the oak tree in my rainbows (Little did I know this was the perfect set up for him). Brady immediately said "Oh that reminds me, I have a surprise for you, close your eyes and don't peek". He jumped the barbwire fence ran back to his truck , came back and allowed me to open my eyes. He was holding a new pair of cowboy boots I'd been drooling over for a while. I put the left one on and he knelled down on one knee and started taking the right boot out (I'm still clueless at this point). He said "I think there's something in this one". Then he pulled out a pretty brown ring box, opened up and it held the most gorgeous diamond ring I've ever seen, better than I'd even imagined, and he said "Honeybee, will you marry me?" I was frozen, shocked, and for a moment had a serious feeling that I was dreaming. When I came back around I said YES! We hugged and cried right there in the cow pasture next to the house. Need I mention that I felt horrible afterwards for being so hard on him about having to go pick up acorns? All of that was three weeks ago and we both still have the silly grins when anybody asked us about it. I love my ring and I love my Fiance and I can't wait to love my husband!

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  1. Great pic! Did you guys get some engagement photos done? (As if you have had time...) If not, I have a snazzy new camera I can try out on you!