Monday, August 23, 2010

I heart Target....

and lucky for me my fiance just happens to work for that sponsor. It's a beautiful thing :) haha. I had the privilege to roll like a rock star and get a pit pass to attend the night race at Bristol Saturday night. It was so much fun being with Brady at work all day. (Although I'm not sure he appreciated me informing all his buddies it was "take your fiance to work day") I think deep down he enjoyed me being there. It was neat to see why he's always "so busy that he can't talk to me" every Sunday, I do understand it a little more now. He takes his job very seriously and I think that speaks volumes for his character. The rain came in early and I got a few blisters after my feet got wet :( you know me.. beauty first comfort second so after an hour of whining I finally gave in and wound up putting Brady's extra pair of black socks on and while I am balancing between two car haulers on one foot putting on socks with my flats (which is already bad enough) who walks up but Jamie McMurray can you say awkward? He was nice even though, and said "it happens". Brady set me up with a radio during the race so I could listen in on the chatter. I swear I don't know how those crew guys keep a straight face Juan kept cracking me up saying "I need another dwink guys"..haha. I was super excited that the 48 "drove up into the 42's lane " and I was there to witness it live, that was definitely the highlight of the day. It was a great day and I got to meet a lot of people that I've heard brady I mean, Phlat Stanley talk about. For those of you who don't know that's his nickname in the Nascar world, and I didn't hear a single person say Brady all day... so does that make me the future Mrs. Phlat Stanley?

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